Vince The Vet – RAW BEEF WITH BEEF OFFAL – Single Protein

Vince the Vet – Raw Beef with Beef Offal (Single Protein) Veterinary Formula for Life-Changing Nutritional Care.

Ingredients: Minced Beef Meat (60%), Beef Bone (10%), Beef Offal (heart 20%, liver & kidney 10%)

Price £ 4.15
Weight: 1 kg

Further Information

Raw Beef with Beef Offal:

  • highly nutritious
  • premium quality ingredients
  • lean beef meat, bone & offal (all from the UK)
  • DEFRA approved
  • single protein


Vince the Vet, Dr Vince MacNally, has been expertly transforming dog’s lives for over 25 years with raw diets. The secret is simple …. ensuring every mouthful of food is as nutritious and life-enhancing as possible, which is why all Vince the Vet Raw foods are made using the very finest lean meat, nutrient-dense offal and a biologically appropriate level of bone.

Vince the Vet Raw provides the perfect foundation for supplying dogs of all ages, activities and states of health, the nourishment necessary to meet all nutritional requirements and maximise health. Feed with small amounts of other raw foods (including our Vince the Vet Natural Supplements) as suggested, to provide a completely balanced diet, which promotes the very best of health. Raw meat, bone and offal is the natural core diet of dogs, and has been for millions of years.

Vince the Vet is the very best raw dog food we have ever come across, and the only range of raw dog foods we feed our own dogs, on a daily basis.

Specially formulated Vince the Vet Natural Supplements (available on our Well-Being page), rich in health-promoting nutrients, can significantly enhance health and well-being, when added to your dog’s diet each day.